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Ford/AAA Student Auto Skills

Ford/AAA Student Auto Skills is a nationwide automotive technology competition for high school juniors and seniors interested in pursuing careers as automotive service technicians. The competition tests students’ automotive knowledge, workmanship and problem-solving abilities with a written test and a hands-on race against the clock to diagnose and properly repair an intentionally “bugged” vehicle.

Each year, more than 10,000 students representing more than 950 automotive technology programs in all 50 states compete in this event. In 2011, a record-high $12 million in scholarships was offered at both state and national levels to Ford/AAA Student Auto Skills competitors.

About the Competition

All participants begin with an online exam. The 10 highest scoring two-person teams are selected to advance to the state finals for the hands-on competition, where each team must correctly diagnose and repair a deliberately bugged vehicle.

Online exam and hands-on competition scores determine each state’s championship team that will go on to compete in the National Finals held at the Ford World Headquarters in Dearborn, Mich., each June.

At the National Finals, competitors take a 100-question written exam before facing off in a timed competition during which they must diagnose and repair a different set of bugs in a different Ford vehicle. The National Title goes to the team with the best combined written test and hands-on competition scores.

As part of their commitment to the future of automotive service industry in America, AAA and Ford Motor Co. are dedicated to the annual competition. Founded in 1949, the event has been sponsored by various organizations committed to quality auto service. AAA has served as co-sponsor since 1984, and Ford Motor Co. began its partnership in 1994.

About the Industry

The Ford/AAA Student Auto Skills competition is just one of the many ways in which AAA and Ford work with the automotive industry and local communities to build awareness of career opportunities in the automotive service industry and ensure development of a quality workforce that is equipped to respond to increasingly sophisticated auto repair challenges.

Advancements in automobile safety, fuel management and comfort have led to an increasing reliance on computers and electronic components that make cars operate efficiently. Today’s auto technicians must be well-educated and continue training to stay on the cutting edge of advances in computer and electronic technology. They also must be skilled in all aspects of mechanical repair procedures and knowledgeable about service intervals and similar maintenance requirements on a wide variety of vehicles.

For more information, photos, video and updates on the Ford/AAA Student Auto Skills competition, please visit the event’s Facebook page.



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