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Nancy WhiteStatement by Bob Darbelnet, President and CEO of AAA 

(WASHINGTON, May 15, 2014) “AAA applauds the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee for quickly moving a bipartisan transportation reauthorization bill.  It is now up to the Senate Commerce, Banking and Finance Committees to prevent a transportation crisis by acting swiftly on their portions of the bill so this legislation can move to the Senate floor for debate.

Chairman Boxer appropriately cited the option of raising the federal gas tax to address the looming Highway Trust Fund bankruptcy.  AAA supports this viable and effective solution, provided the additional funds are invested in transportation improvements that benefit motorists.  We urge Chairman Wyden and Ranking Member Hatch to commit to a vote on this solution in addition to the other funding mechanisms that will be considered by their committee.”


Michael Green Contact Tile(WASHINGTON, April 29, 2013) “AAA is encouraged by President Obama’s nomination of Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx to be the new U.S. Secretary of Transportation.  We look forward to working with Mayor Foxx once confirmed by the U.S. Senate, and we are hopeful that he will help make transportation a top national priority. Mayor Foxx will face many challenges because the nation must address a significant transportation funding shortfall, and there are still too many Americans losing their lives on the nation’s roadways.

AAA appreciates retiring Secretary Ray LaHood’s unwavering commitment and bipartisanship in achieving national transportation goals.  Secretary LaHood helped raise awareness of the dangers of distracted driving and worked with AAA and other stakeholders towards a national goal of zero traffic deaths. His bipartisan efforts also helped achieve passage of a multi-year transportation bill, MAP-21, which included significant program reform and added funds for transportation.”

Michael Green Contact Tile(WASHINGTON, March 21, 2013)

Statement by AAA President & CEO Robert L. Darbelnet:

“Today’s action by the U.S. House of Representatives in passing a continuing resolution is a victory for highway safety.  The U.S. Senate served the nation’s interests through a bipartisan effort to ensure that MAP-21′s highway safety programs were adequately funded, which President Obama supported.  Over the last few weeks, AAA clubs from around the country weighed in to get this done.

Safety funding comes at a crucial time, as we are now seeing a slight uptick in roadway fatalities.  Today’s action was a good example of bipartisan collaboration that will help deliver better transportation solutions for the American people.”

Michael Green Contact Tile(WASHINGTON, March 19, 2013) Statement by AAA President & CEO Robert L. Darbelnet:

“The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) today gave the nation’s bridges a “C+” grade, up from a “C” four years ago; and roads got a “D” grade, up from a “D-” in 2009.  The good news for drivers is that the condition of the nation’s roads and bridges has improved slightly since the last report card was issued. The bad news is grades like these aren’t going to get us where we need to go in terms of safety, mobility or economic recovery.

We don’t want a C+ economy, and can’t settle for a D, or even C+ transportation system. We need Congress to take the lead, work toward a long term funding solution and ensure the American public understands the importance of investing in our transportation system before we fall further behind.”

Michael Green Contact Tile(WASHINGTON, February 12, 2013)

Statement by AAA’s President and CEO Robert Darbelnet in Response to President Obama’s State of the Union Address

“President Obama’s support for transportation infrastructure in tonight’s State of the Union address is of critical importance to millions of American motorists that depend on safe roads and bridges to support their livelihoods and their families.

“America’s Interstate Highway System became the envy of the world decades ago because our nation’s leaders worked together to implement far-reaching polices of historic importance. The leaders of the time did not let the political risks detract them from developing a highway network that would stand as a monument to the engineering excellence of the United States.

“It is no secret that a great political divide and considerable funding issues have created significant road blocks to sustaining a safe and an improved infrastructure. Every day millions of frustrated Americans lose valuable time and money waiting in traffic, and they are relying on their elected officials to provide relief.

“AAA urges both the President and Congress to prioritize transportation this year to ensure that American’s can get to work, go to school and travel from state to state on roads that once again become the most efficient, safe and reliable in the world.”

(WASHINGTON, September 19, 2012) “I am deeply concerned that both Congress and President Obama have agreed to new FY 2013 federal spending levels that fail to implement the funding and safety gains planned in the recently adopted transportation law.  The continuing resolution agreement breaks a promise made by both parties earlier this year to fully fund road, bridge and transit systems and new safety programs designed to reduce distracted driving and improve teen driver safety.  AAA will work to ensure that critical funds are restored and vital safety programs are implemented as soon as possible.”

(BOSTON, September 13, 2012) — Transportation infrastructure may not be the most glamorous work of government, but it is a crucial part of the state’s growth strategy, Governor Deval Patrick said earlier today at a meeting of the national Board of Directors of AAA.

The Governor said improving the state’s roads, rails and bridges – in particular, through the five-year plan supported by a newly signed $1.5 billion transportation bond bill – will create jobs and a platform for future economic development.

“Increasingly, I think it is incumbent upon us to connect transportation strategy with economic development strategy,” Patrick said. “We’re talking about a train to the South Coast – to New Bedford and Fall River. It’s not just about convenience; it’s about opening up that region to the innovation economy in Boston. We need to think that way, talk that way, plan our transportation from that perspective, so people get a sense of the whole thing.”

The AAA Board held its quarterly meeting at the Ritz-Carlton, Boston Common hotel.

“This is the first time a sitting Governor has addressed AAA’s national Board of Directors,” said Boston attorney and former federal prosecutor Wayne A. Budd, national AAA Board Chairman and board member at AAA Southern New England. “Issues affecting the motoring and traveling public are of great interest to AAA, and we welcome Governor Patrick’s insights and views on these issues.”

Governor Patrick discussed the value of public-private partnerships such as the one that has allowed six AAA offices to offer select Registry of Motor Vehicles services.

“It has really not just relieved the pressure on our Registry of Motor Vehicles, but frankly, it has brought a more effective service to people in a greater range of convenient locations,” Patrick said. “It has made a difference, and it has helped in a time of stress on the budget.”

Governor Patrick’s plans for improving roads and bridges and developing a long-term strategic plan for transportation improvements in the Commonwealth won enthusiastic support and praise from AAA board members attending the meeting.

“Traffic safety and transportation-related advocacy are a major part of AAA’s national strategic focus, “ said Mark A. Shaw, AAA Southern New England President and CEO and national AAA Board member.  “We have worked with the Patrick administration on several matters of interest to our Massachusetts members, and plan for more collaboration in the future.”

On the issue of a primary seatbelt law, for which AAA has long advocated, the Governor said the medical toll of unbelted crashes upsets him. The auto club plans to renew its campaign for a primary seatbelt law in the next legislative session.

(WASHINGTON, June 8, 2012) Today, President Obama once again cited the deteriorating condition of the nation’s infrastructure and the need for Congress to act to improve it.  As a nation, we’ve underinvested in transportation for years, resulting in a backlog of needs, poor conditions and a substantial funding gap.

The federal transportation program is a few short weeks away from expiring unless Congress can move quickly to demonstrate their ability to negotiate and work towards a long-term transportation bill that will meet the nation’s mobility and safety needs.  Transportation is not a partisan issue – it is time for Congress to act.

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WASHINGTON, D.C., September 8, 2011

AAA Encouraged by Boxer/Inhofe Transportation Bill

Nancy White“AAA commends U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Chairman Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Ranking Member James Inhofe (R-OK) for their bipartisan action to extend the surface transportation program. Congress must not fail in swiftly delivering this measure to the President before the program expires on September 30, 2011. Failure by Congress to act would ultimately impact transportation safety, mobility, and emergency response operations, would threaten our national economic competitiveness, as well as jeopardize thousands of jobs across the country. Beyond the short-term extension, both parties must also continue to work towards a long overdue multi-year highway and transit bill in the same spirit of cooperation. We expect the President to encourage this important next step in his address to Congress tonight.

The President is correct when he says our nation’s aging roads, bridges and transit systems are in a dire need of an upgrade. For the past several years, AAA has called on lawmakers to institute reforms that would create a more accountable and results-driven program. Such actions are critical to restoring the public’s trust in the ability of government to spend transportation user fees wisely. The time is now for Congress and the White House to take bipartisan action and deliver on a transportation bill that makes America stronger and keeps the economy, and the American people, moving into the future.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – 8/31/2011

Troy Green“AAA appreciates President Obama’s leadership and ongoing efforts to focus attention on the importance of transportation to the U.S. economy. In order to keep the American economy, and the American people, moving in the near term, Congress must pass a short-term highway and transit program extension by September 30, 2011.

Of critical importance is an extension of the federal gas tax by September 30. Without this necessary revenue stream, the ability of states and localities to complete their approved transportation safety and construction improvement plans would be severely compromised.

Following a short-term extension by Congress, both parties in both chambers of Congress must continue to make progress on the enactment of a new, multi-year surface transportation authorization bill that will provide recognizable improvements in safety, congestion relief and system reliability. In the coming days and weeks, AAA will be active across the country urging lawmakers to work on a bipartisan solution to meet the transportation challenges of the 21st century.”



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