AAA Statement on IIHS Report on Laws Banning Handheld Cell Phone Use

WASHINGTON,  D.C. , January 29, 2010

Hands-free devices are not risk free, says AAA.

Troy GreenThe results of this IIHS study of handheld cell phone bans and insurance-reported crashes illustrate the complexity of the issue of distracted driving and the clear need for more research to understand the impact of distracted driving laws and how cell phone use relates to real-world crashes. The lack of crash reduction associated with handheld cell phone bans reinforces a long-held AAA concern that handheld cell phone bans have limited impact, in large part because they encourage drivers to migrate to hands-free devices, which research shows to offer no real safety advantage. AAA continues to urge drivers to avoid the use of cell phones, text messaging, and any other distracting behaviors or devices while driving. AAA will also continue its nationwide efforts to ban text messaging for all drivers, ban all wireless communications use for drivers under age 18, and establish comprehensive distracted driving laws.

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