AAA Encourages Seniors and Their Families to Plan Ahead When Addressing the Challenges Associated with Driving and Aging

WASHINGTON, D.C., December 2, 2010

Older Driver Safety Awareness Week is Dec. 6-10 and AAA emphasizes the importance of open and constructive communication to help keep senior drivers safe and mobile

Nancy WhiteAccording to the U.S. Census Bureau, one in five people will be at least 65 years old by 2030, with nearly 10 million people 85 years old or older. An estimated 90 percent of this demographic will be licensed to drive. Many families are uncomfortable when having to address an older adult’s ability to drive. In support of next week’s Older Driver Safety Awareness Week, AAA urges seniors and their families to take the first step in addressing this difficult issue by having a conversation about driving and aging.

“The fastest growing segment of the country’s population is people who are age 65 and older,” said Jake Nelson, director, AAA Traffic Safety Advocacy and Research. “The issue of senior driver safety and mobility touches millions of families. Older Driver Safety Awareness Week is an opportunity for families to start a conversation about safe mobility and address any real and perceived challenges associated with driving and aging.”

AAA’s senior driver safety and mobility website,, provides expert advice and research-based tools for seniors and their families, many of whom have expressed frustration with the inability to locate the necessary resources to appropriately address the safety and mobility challenges often faced by older drivers. The information and tools on the site are designed to aid in prompting conversations, assessing abilities and improving the comfort and safety of older drivers.

Conversations about safe driving can evoke strong emotional reactions from some older drivers, as concerns about personal independence and managing other day-to-day activities may come into question. AAA encourages seniors and their families to approach these sensitive conversations as opportunities for constructive communication and problem solving.

To help manage the inevitable consequences of aging, and the effects of aging on driving ability, AAA also offers the following resources for older drivers:

  • CarFit and AAA’s Smart Features for Mature Drivers help to enhance seniors’ comfort and safety while driving.
  • Safe Driving for Mature Operators classroom and online courses provide driver training to help address the changes caused by aging and how a driver may compensate.

For more information about Older Driver Safety Awareness Week, please visit

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