AAA Urges Immediate End to Discriminatory Tolling Practice by E-ZPass

Out-of-State Drivers Should Not Be Singled Out for Higher Toll Charges Than In-State Residents

WASHINGTON (April 18, 2012)– Calling for the end to the discriminatory business practice of charging higher toll rates to drivers that make out-of-state toll tag purchases, AAA’s President and CEO Robert Darbelnet yesterday sent a letter opposing the inequitable fees to the E-ZPass Interagency Group (IAG). This letter will be unveiled today by AAA director of federal relations, Chris Plaushin, during a U.S. Senate Commerce subcommittee hearing examining accountability and oversight in tolling.

“We believe this practice is not only unfair and could serve as an impediment to interstate travel and commerce, but also flies in the face of the underlying promise of E-ZPass, which you [IAG] state is ‘to provide the public with a seamless, accurate, interoperable electronic method of paying tolls and fees,’” wrote Darbelnet.

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Darbelnet urged the IAG to put an immediate end to the unequal and unfair treatment among E-ZPass tag holders. “There is no reason for one authority to charge some E-ZPass holders a higher toll, except, unfortunately in our estimation, to take advantage of drivers who may be from out-of-state,” continued Darbelnet. “The fact is, the cost of providing the transportation service and collecting the toll are identical for a vehicle with an E-ZPass tag issued by the home authority and a vehicle with a tag from an away authority.”

AAA clubs represent over 19 million members in the 14 states that make up the E-ZPass network. The E-ZPass IAG is an association of 24 toll agencies that operate the E-ZPass electronic toll collection program, with more than 22 million E-ZPass devices in circulation.

AAA’s full letter can be viewed here.

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