President’s Budget Elevates Importance of Strong Transportation Network

Michael Green Contact Tile(WASHINGTON, April 10, 2013) Statement by AAA President and CEO Robert Darbelnet:

“AAA is pleased that President Obama is once again elevating the importance of a strong transportation network in the administration’s fiscal year 2014 budget proposal.  The proposed $50 billion for improving the nation’s roads, bridges, and transit systems will continue to help chart the course for the nation’s long-term economic recovery.  Expediting and delivering transportation projects on-time is a step in the right direction to meet the demands of the traveling public and businesses and remain competitive in the global market.

Now that the President’s budget is released the real work begins.  This is an important year for the administration and Congress to work together on finding a long-term funding solution to bring our transportation infrastructure into the 21st Century.

Whether it’s called the Highway Trust Fund or the Transportation Trust Fund, the traveling public is putting their “trust” in Congress and the administration to put partisan differences aside and work towards a viable funding solution. Roads and bridges are not red or blue and I hope we can put partisan differences in the rear view mirror on this issue.”

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