Support for the Safe Highway and Infrastructure Preservation Act

Yolanda Cade

Statement by AAA Vice President for Public Affairs Kathleen Bower

“AAA supports the Safe Highways and Infrastructure Preservation Act, introduced today by Senator Lautenberg and Congressman James McGovern (D-MA) to retain the current federal freeze on any truck size and weight limits.  

AAA supports a robust inter-modal transportation system that can meet both the personal and commercial demands necessary for the United States to remain globally competitive in the 21st Century.   But safety must be considered in all discussions that impact road users.  USDOT research is underway to evaluate the safety and infrastructure impact of allowing heavier trucks on our nation’s roads and bridges.   This USDOT research is a necessary precursor to any discussion about what, if any changes should be made to current federal regulations.   Until more is known about the impacts to safety and the infrastructure, AAA opposes allowing bigger and heavier trucks on our nation’s roadway.

Until the research is completed and evaluated, preserving the existing regulations on truck size and weight is the roadmap we should follow.” 

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