Traffic Safety

AAA Responds to Transportation Bill Introduced by Secretary Foxx

WASHINGTON, D.C, (April 29, 2014) – “AAA applauds Secretary Foxx and President Obama for being the first out of the gate with legislation that would improve the nation’s roads and bridges, enhance driver safety and provide a more reformed and accountable federal transportation program.

“The GROW AMERICA Act contains no earmarks, no Bridges to Nowhere — instead, it delivers on the core responsibility of the federal government, which is to facilitate interstate commerce, enhance personal mobility, make our roads safer and keep America globally competitive in a rapidly changing world.

“The recommended funding levels in this bill are robust and consistent with the levels independent experts have been telling us for years are necessary.  They should send a clear message to Congress that swift action is needed to avert a transportation crisis.

“While AAA is still reviewing the bill language, this proposal does continue the trend of addressing the Highway Trust Fund shortfall with a solution that is short-term and politically palatable rather than long-term and fiscally responsible.  AAA is encouraged that the Administration is taking the lead in laying out the goal of a multi-year reauthorization bill, however corporate tax reform and other one-time patches must not be the only funding solutions considered.  AAA continues to believe that an increase to the federal gas tax is the most effective and sustainable funding mechanism, provided the additional funds are thoughtfully spent on transportation improvements that ease congestion and increase safety.

“AAA looks forward to working with President Obama, Secretary Foxx and Congress in the coming weeks to pass legislation that improves our transportation system for the benefit of all Americans.”