2023 Five & Four Diamond Hotels & Restaurant Lists

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Click below to view current AAA Five and Four Diamond Properties:

Five Diamond Hotels   

Five Diamond Restaurants   

Four Diamond Hotels   

Four Diamond Restaurants 

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Diamond designations reflect AAA Inspectors’ commitment to quality and consistency in the hospitality industry. Diamond Inspectors are trained professionals who travel across North America to conduct unannounced, independent, in-person property inspections.   

Five Diamond properties offer ultimate luxury and leading-edge cuisine.  

Four Diamond properties offer upscale amenities and distinctive fine dining 

The 4Cs of AAA Diamonds   

Cleanliness: AAA hotel inspections include ATP surface testing, the same technology used to verify cleanliness in the healthcare and food service industries.  

Comfort: Inspectors evaluate a property’s quality of experience, range of amenities, and level of hospitality.  

Cuisine: Diamond restaurants are assessed on their food, service, and vibe. Inspectors dine at these properties anonymously.  

Consistency: AAA Diamond properties – no matter the designation – have one thing in common: consistency. Unlike subjective star reviews, Diamond inspections rely on published guidelines based on industry standards.