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  • Transportation Funding: While many Americans experience traffic congestion every day, few realize that every hour of congestion or delay adds a cost to most services and goods produced or consumed in America. The US needs a transportation system that meets the demands of people and businesses, national competitiveness, quality of life and the environment in a 21st century economy and society
  • Truck Safety: According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, in 2002 more than 4,897 people were killed in large truck and car crashes. Large trucks play a critical role in the nation’s economy. The need to safely share the road has never been greater.
  • Graduated Driver Licensing: In 76 percent of fatal crashes involving 15- to 20-year-old drivers, police reports show driver error or other factors related to driver behavior are caused by inexperience, poor driving skills, risk taking or poor decision making. AAA is a vocal advocate for novice and mature driver safety programs. Now that the association’s efforts have helped to pass graduated driver licensing laws in all 50 states, AAA is focused on making those laws more effective
  • Digest of Motor Laws: AAA’s state-by-state guide to vehicle registration, operation, and other traffic safety laws
  • EPA Mileage Estimates: AAA’s real world driving tests found dozens of examples where miles per gallon on new vehicles were overestimated because of outdated EPA tests. The EPA has since updated their testing methods resulting in more accurate mileage estimates for vehicles beginning with model year 2008

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