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Speeding remains a significant safety threat on U.S. roadways

(WASHINGTON, March 8, 2012) Speeding remains a significant safety threat on U.S. roadways—contributing to nearly one-third of all traffic deaths each year – and while motorists frequently list aggressive driving as a top safety concern, many still admit to driving well over posted speed limits.  Speeding has been commonplace on our roadways for decades and is deeply ingrained in our driving culture, despite resulting in thousands of needless deaths every year.

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AAA hopes today’s report from the Governors Highway Safety Association will prompt state and federal policymakers to devote more attention to these challenges.  To address speeding, AAA supports high visibility enforcement campaigns and targeted enforcement in school zones and other critical safety locations.  AAA also supports aggressive driving statutes that carry significant penalties for drivers who endanger themselves, other motorists, pedestrians, and other road users.  AAA urges policymakers and government officials to focus needed resources on addressing this dangerous behavior.  And we, as motorists, need to remember that it’s more important to get somewhere safely than to get there a minute or two sooner.


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