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  • Transportation Funding (Video) Kathleen F. Bower, AAA Vice President Public Affairs, discusses transportation funding issues with Fox News’ Chris Wallace. Courtesy of Fox News Channel. All Rights Reserved.
  • Seated, Safe and Secure Is a national child passenger safety initiative to pass laws, educate parents, and promote industry engineering and technological advances on the issue of child passenger safety
  • Licensed to Learn is a national safety campaign to pass graduated driver licensing laws in all 50 states, and to make existing laws more robust.
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  • Nationwide Review of Graduated Driver Licensing Each year more than 1,000 16-year-old drivers are involved in fatal crashes. Injuries are the primary cause of death of teenagers, and 41% of all injury deaths at ages 15-19 involve motor vehicle crashes.
  • Safe Highways and Infrastructure Preservation Act   In 2008, more than 4,000 people died and approximately 90,000 people were injured in truck-related crashes, with 84 percent of deaths occurring among persons other than occupants of a large truck. AAA opposed any change in truck size and weight regulations and encouraged Congress to focus on addressing the safety, enforcement and infrastructure implications associated with such a change.



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