Meet the Experts

Avery Ash: Bio

Director, Federal Relations

Expertise: gas prices, autonomous vehicles, energy, environment, AAA Gas Price Report, federal legislation, transportation funding, infrastructure investment, tolling issues

Avery in action:

Christian Science Monitor:  Gas Prices hit new low for 2013.  Who’s paying under $3?
Wall Street Journal Blog:  Gasoline Should Cost Less in 2014, Travel Group Says

To interview Avery Ash, contact Michael Green, 202-942-2082,

Bill Sutherland: Bio

Senior Vice President, Travel & Publishing

Expertise: Travel industry analytics, domestic and international travel, cruising, air travel, touring, hotels

Bill in action:

Fox Business: Travel Prices are Going to Skyrocket

To interview Bill, please contact Julie Hall, 407-444-8003,

Bill Wood: Bio

Vice President & Executive Editor, Travel Information & Content Publishing

Expertise: AAA Publishing, Travel Planning

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Greg Brannon: Bio

Director, Automotive Engineering

Expertise: Automotive Engineering

Greg in action:

USA Today
NBC News
Detroit Free Press

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Jake Nelson, MPH, MPP : Bio

Director, Traffic Safety Advocacy & Research

Expertise: Traffic safety, road safety, driver safety, older driver safety, senior mobility issues, drunk driving, drugged driving, drowsy driving, impaired driving

Jake in action:

Headline News:  Senior Driver Safety Interview
U.S. News & World Report:  Older Workers Who Drive Top Traffic Death List:  CDC  Americans Think Driving is Safer When It’s Actually More Dangerous

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Jennifer Ryan: Bio

Director, State Relations

Expertise: child passenger safety; car seats and booster seats; child passenger safety laws, distracted driving, teen driver safety, graduated drivers licensing (GDL), state policy, automated enforcement (including traffic cameras)

Jennifer in action:

VIDEO: Child Passenger Safety | Booster Seats
VIDEO: Importance of Rear-Facing Car Seats
VIDEO: Allowing Toys in the Car

To interview Jennifer, contact Tamra Johnson, 202-942-2079,

Jill Ingrassia: Bio

Managing Director, Government Relations & Traffic Safety Advocacy

Expertise: advocacy and government, federal legislation, transportation funding and infrastructure

Jill in action:

CNN/Money: Proposed gas tax increase fires up debate
Fox News: Obama Highway Plan Fuels Talk of Gas Tax Hike

To interview Jill, please contact Michael Green, 202-942-2082,

John Nielsen, CMAT, L-1: Bio

Managing Director, Automotive Engineering and Repair

Expertise: automotive engineering & technology, automotive repair, car buying

John in action:

VIDEO: AAA Green Cars
VIDEO: Driving Costs Dos and Don’ts When Dealing With An Auto Mechanic
Fox Business: Cutting a Big Car Repair Bill

To interview John, please contact Erin Stepp, 407-444-8013,

Michael Petrone: Bio

Director, Inspections & Diamond Ratings

Expertise: AAA Diamond Ratings, restaurant and hotel inspections, hospitality industry

Michael in action:

Hotel News Resource: AAA Updates Approval Requirements & Diamond Rating Guidelines for Lodgings

To interview Michael, please contact Julie Hall, 407-444-8003,

Mike Calkins: Bio

Manager, Technical Services

Expertise: vehicle technology, auto maintenance/repair and driving costs

Mike in action:

USA Today: AAA study finds driving costs get small increase
CBS MoneyWatch: 5 Questions to Ask Your Mechanic
AAA Talk Radio: Save Money and the Environment

To interview Mike, please contact Erin Stepp, 407-444-8013,

Patrice Vincent: Bio

Manager, Regulatory Affairs

Expertise: Federal agencies, federal transportation regulations, truck safety, AAA history

Trice in action:

VIDEO: Policymakers Role of Improving Transportation Safety
VIDEO: Importance of Safe Transportation to Economy
VIDEO: Public Role in Transportation Safety and Efficiency
VIDEO: Public Awareness of Transportation Improvements

To interview Patrice, contact Michael Green, 202-942-2082,

Rhonda Shah: Bio

Manager, Traffic Safety Advocacy

Expertise: AAA School Safety PatrolCarFit; older driver safety; senior mobility; bike and pedestrian safety

Rhonda in action:

VIDEO: Senior Driver Safety | CarFit
VIDEO: Bicycle Safety | Safe Cycling Tips for Adults
VIDEO: Bicycle Safety | Bicycle Friendly America
AAA Talk Radio: Bike Safety Tips

To interview Rhonda, please contact Julie Hall, 407-444-8003,

William Van Tassel, PhD: Bio

Manager, Driver Training Operation

Expertise: driver education, driver training

Bill in action:

VIDEO: Adjust Mirrors for Proper Safety
VIDEO: Get a Grip on the Right Way to Hold a Steering Wheel
The New York Times: Driver Education Resource for Parents
The Car Connection: The Best Place for Teens to Learn How to Drive

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