Traffic Safety

AAA supports requiring used car dealers to resolve recalls prior to sale

Statement by Bob Darbelnet, President and CEO of AAA

ORLANDO, Fla., (June 25, 2014) – “Yesterday’s letter to the Federal Trade Commission by 11 consumer groups requesting the agency investigate CarMax’s advertising claims underscores the dangers of unrepaired recall vehicles on America’s roadways. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates the average recall completion rate in the US is only about 75 percent – meaning one in four recalled vehicles are never fixed.

“AAA believes that consumers should have a reasonable expectation that the vehicle they drive off the lot — whether it is from a new or used car dealer — is free of unresolved recalls.  CarMax asserting that all vehicles they sell have been rigorously inspected and are “CarMax Quality Certified” but not repairing known safety recall issues puts motorists at risk and could have deadly consequences.  With the safety of AAA’s 54 million members and all U.S. motorists in mind, AAA supports requiring that new and used car dealers carry out recall repairs on any vehicle they sell.”