Traffic Safety

Companies Must Protect Consumer Privacy with Connected Cars

(January 7, 2014) AAA commends the GAO for studying the important issue of vehicle data and driver privacy in its recent report, “In-Car Location-Based Services.” The report addresses the importance of companies protecting consumer privacy related to location-based services and data generated from connected cars. AAA urges companies to protect consumer rights through the principles of transparency, access, control, choice and security.

“Connected cars can dramatically improve the driving experience, but companies must be responsible in their use of consumer information,” said Bob Darbelnet, President and CEO of AAA. “The data that today can be routinely collected by cars includes some of the most sensitive data that can be collected about a person, including information about their precise location and driving habits.”

“Companies have an obligation to protect consumer rights when offering connected car services,” continued Darbelnet. “It is a positive sign that automakers have taken initial steps to address the privacy and security of location data, but more must be done to reduce potential risks faced by consumers.”