Traffic Safety

Immediate Action Needed to Secure Long-Term Transportation Funding

Statement by Kathleen Bower, AAA Vice President of Public Affairs

“AAA is encouraged that President Obama and Congress are finally focusing on the funding of our nation’s transportation system and the goal of a long-term reauthorization bill, however corporate tax reform and other one-time patches must not be the only funding solutions considered.

“AAA agrees with a large group of diverse transportation stakeholders that a gas tax increase is the most viable, responsible and effective near-term solution to keep the Highway Trust Fund solvent.  AAA also recognizes that new and innovative proposals, including public private partnerships, tolling and the vehicle miles travel tax, must be carefully evaluated as potential long-term successors to the gas tax.  But it will take time to properly pilot test and evaluate new alternatives.

“AAA will continue to be part of those long-term funding discussions, but immediate action is necessary to secure a near-term funding solution for our nation’s transportation system.”