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We Can Not Settle for Mediocre When it Comes to Our Nation’s Roadways

AAA statement in response to American Society of Civil Engineers infrastructure report card

Statement by: AAA President & CEO Marshall Doney

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Mar. 4, 2021) – “President Biden has vowed to make transportation infrastructure improvements a priority, and this new American Society of Civil Engineers report card shows that now is the time for the Administration and Congress to make good on this pledge.  Once again, ASCE’s report card is an important reminder that neglecting our infrastructure has consequences for our economy and the safety of motorists.

This year’s report card gives America’s roads a “D” and bridges a “C” and finds that 46,154 bridges in the country are structurally deficient. The U.S. has underfunded its transportation infrastructure for several years, resulting in a $786 billion backlog of road and bridge repairs. Ignoring the problem is not a solution.

ASCE’s report card shows that while there have been some modest infrastructure improvements, there remains a critical backlog of projects that must be addressed immediately. AAA urges policymakers and the Administration to lay out a long-term funding strategy for transportation infrastructure that will support safety and mobility today and well into the future. All transportation funding options should be on the table for consideration.”