Planning My Hawaiian Getaway with Trip Canvas

Trip Canvas is AAA’s free travel planning tool that lets you research, dream about and book incredible vacations—all in one place—with access to AAA’s one of a kind travel expertise, savings, and discounts. With Trip Canvas, users can plan, explore, dream, and share an entire vacation without spending one penny.  

So, what do I do now with all this power…PLAN A VACATION!  

Winter in Hawai’i Canvas  

Okay, I want to be around water in the winter, can you blame me? My daydreams are filled with Hawai’i, and I have no idea where to start. Trip Canvas takes that inspiration and creates a canvas of ideas and offers for me to explore.  

These icons included in my canvas guide me on my way while exploring. Each icon identifies a specific

 section that details helpful aspects of the trip. I can customize my preferences, so I only see the types of trips that interest me.  

In my first search of Honolulu, Hawai’i, Trip Canvas prompted me to choose when I want to take this dream vacation. The “Jump to Season” bar is handy for additional options or seasonal planning.  

After I select my desired season – winter 2023 – I pick the ideal dates I want to travel. From here, Trip Canvas asks, “What Inspires You”? This is where the dreaming and planning inspiration truly sparks for this vacation canvas. I select family, value, and foodie because who doesn’t love vacations with family on a budget? Plus, being a vegetarian, I am always looking for the best-rated restaurants to enjoy!

Next, Trip Canvas creates or “makes my canvas”, and from here, I can see my “Winter in Hawai’i Vacation”, with tons of tours, cruises, hotels, restaurants, and activities ready for me to explore.


In the “Tours and Vacations” section, I have the option to create my own a la carte vacation or book a guided tour with a full itinerary!  I can even chat with an AAA travel agent for more details or an overview. (Explore a pre-planned 6-day itinerary here)

I like this tour option, so I save 💗 “add to trip” to “Winter in Hawai’i Vacation”. Now I can add more aspects to my saved vacation, share it with friends and family, and let the AAA travel agents work their magic to find me exclusive deals and savings once I decide to spend those pennies.

Travel Safety

Trip Canvas also features hotels and restaurants that are rated and inspected for quality, cleanliness, and condition. Hotels and restaurants that pass AAA’s rigorous inspection are awarded a AAA Diamond Designation. An indication the hotel offers clean, comfortable, hospitable places for travelers to stay and dine – whether they’re motels, diners, or resorts.

And, unlike systems that rate properties from poor to excellent, AAA inspected hotels and restaurants are assigned a rating of approved, three, four, or five AAA Diamonds, ranging from simple to luxurious.

I discovered other activities and things to do while dreaming of my winter in Hawai’i. I save a ton of activities like the Pearl Harbor and Honolulu City Tour and a Late Breakfast Cruise in Honolulu and a few budget-friendly activities like surfing lessons and snorkeling.

Final Thoughts

After all the exploring of trending activities and local tips, I am excited to see how my trip turned out. Everything I save is categorized by section and allows me to easily browse and share elements of my trip. And I can switch to a map view to search and save items based on where I want to stay.

Plus, I can share my “Winter in Hawai’i” trip with friends for their input and they can save their interests directly onto my canvas too – a collaborative dream trip!

Ultimately, Trip Canvas is designed with one goal in mind – a one-stop tool you can use to dream and plan travel with access to AAA’s built-in travel savings, discounts and expertise. Your vacation dreams. AAA’s expertise.

Check out my “Winter in Hawai’i” vacation to Honolulu via Trip Canvas here. Follow AAA on Pinterest 👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉