AAA Electric Vehicles 101

All things EVs with AAA

ORLANDO, Fla. (Oct. 12th, 2023) The new Electric Vehicles 101 from AAA includes essential information on electric vehicles (EVs), like tips for first-time EV drivers, essential charging and vehicle background, and guidance for those considering purchasing a used or new EV! AAA wants consumers interested in going electric to be informed and educated on ownership before purchase to ensure a rewarding and confident experience.  

“EVs could be a viable choice for many first–time buyers or multi-car households, but the key is to understand all the options available and if those match your needs,” said Greg Brannon, AAA’s director of automotive research. “AAA is an expert in EVs – and we’re passionate about sharing that knowledge to help consumers make informed decisions about what best suits their lifestyle.”  

 What is AAA’s Electric Vehicles 101 – “All things EVs”  

  • Basic background of EVs  
  • Driving range and charging  
  • 1st time driving EV point of view  
  • EV ownership cost comparisons (new & used vs. battery versus gas-powered)   
  • Repair and maintenance costs  
  • Supplemental AAA Car Buying Resources   

 The AAA EV 101 is now available at

In addition to the newly released EV 101, AAA has other resources to help buyers navigate the car-buying decision:  

  • The 2023 AAA Your Driving Cost analysis revealed that EVs have the least expense associated with annual ownership costs in the categories of maintenance, repair and tire costs, fuel and licenses, registration and taxes.   
  • TripTik Travel Planner provides public charging information along any route  
  • AAA TourBook® Guides include which hotels offer public charging for guests   
  • Cashback on EV-charging with AAA-branded credit cards (visit a participating AAA to learn more)  
  • Mobile EV battery charging is available in 24 cities 

Before embarking on any car-buying journey, AAA encourages consumers to do their homework and check out the AAA EV 101 as well as these resources:  

  • Your Driving Cost Online Calculator helps consumers determine important comparison costs before purchase. Select the desired state, annual mileage, and driving ratio representing your typical driving habits, and vehicle year/make/model & trim.  
  • AAA Car Guide provides consumers with reviews and ratings of select vehicles with the latest automotive technology, many of which are EVs. The Automobile Club of Southern California’s Automotive Research Center (ARC) tests and reviews vehicles annually.     

To help educate the public, AAA conducts ongoing research on EVs, including consumer sentiment surveys, testing to determine factors impacting electric vehicle range, the true cost of electric vehicle ownership, and a survey on consumers’ experience with going electric. To see the full body of research, visit AAA Newsroom 

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