Fixing Advanced Vehicle Systems Makes Up Over One -Third of Repair Costs Following a Crash

ORLANDO, Fla. (Dec. 14, 2023) – A recent study by AAA found that advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), like automatic emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, and lane departure warning, can add up to 37.6% to the total repair cost after a crash. This is due to the high cost of replacing and calibrating the sensors that operate these systems. Even minor damage to systems such as front radar or distance sensors can result in additional repair expenses of up to $1,540. AAA advises consumers to 1) be aware of the repair costs associated with these vehicle systems and 2) prioritize repairing them when necessary to ensure they work as intended.  

“Vehicles equipped with more sophisticated safety systems are much more common now, especially since NHTSA proposed its rule requiring automatic emergency braking earlier this year,” said Greg Brannon, AAA’s director of automotive engineering. “Consumers should know about the repair costs associated with these technologies. But they must also understand the importance of fixing them since improperly functioning systems could result in a deadly crash.” 

Many variables can affect the cost of repairing ADAS, including vehicle make and model, the type and location of the sensor and the type of facility where the repair work is performed. Consumers may not realize it, but the sensors that help ADAS “see” the world around the vehicle are located at the front, side and back. AAA looked at four repair scenarios (front-end collision, side mirror replacement, rear collision and windshield replacement) to understand the costs of repairing these sensors.

The highest repair cost for ADAS components is attributed to radar sensors and cameras damaged in a front-end collision. However, the replacement of a side mirror represented the largest proportion of repair costs of the three scenarios.  

For the three vehicles (model year 2023) evaluated in this report, AAA found that:   

  • The average cost of replacing ADAS components in a minor front collision repair was $1,540, or 13.2% of the average total repair. 
  • An average of 70.8% of the repair cost ($1,067) was attributable to the ADAS camera included in the side mirror assembly.  
  • The average cost of replacing ADAS components in a minor rear collision repair was $684, or 40.9% of the average total repair estimate of $1,698. 
  • The cost of windshield glass replacement attributable to ADAS components averaged 25.4% ($360.00) of the total repair cost. 

Individual ADAS component costs (part and specific labor/calibration) over the four repair scenarios range from a low of $290 to a high of $1,596. AAA’s research determined the ranges listed below for typical ADAS repair expenses. *Note that these numbers are for costs over and above the normal bodywork required following a collision. 

  • Front radar sensors used with automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control systems: $500 to $1,300. 
  • Front camera sensors used with automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning and lane keeping assistance (does not include the cost of a replacement windshield): $600 – $800. 
  • Mirror mount, side mirror used with around-view systems: $740 – $1,600. 
  • Windshield camera sensor used with lane keeping assistance, traffic sign recognition and pedestrian detection: $900 – $1,200. 
  • Front or rear ultrasonic sensors used with parking assist systems: $300 – $1,000. 

A driver is alerted by a warning light or icon on the instrument panel and/or a message display if an ADAS component is failing and causing the system to be inoperable. Once this occurs, it’s crucial for drivers to take their vehicle to a reputable repair facility for repair.  

For proper ADAS repair, it’s vital to determine the location where the work is performed (dealership or independent) and that it be done competently, to the highest quality and accurately. Finding a reputable repair shop with professionally trained technicians to evaluate cost, quality, and standards guarantees a smoother repair experience. Look for the AAA Approved Auto Repair sign, as shops that display this logo have met AAA’s high-quality standards. With over 7,000 shops in North America, it is easy to find one near you using the AAA shop locator. 

Methodology & Previous Work  

The 2023 Ford F-150, 2023 Nissan Rogue, and 2023 Toyota Camry are included in this work. In 2018, the AAA Automotive Engineering team evaluated the 2018 model year versions of these vehicles for the same purpose as this study; however, it should be noted that results are not directly comparable due to differences in standard equipment, changes in labor costs and methodology.   

Please refer to the full report for methodology details – including specific vehicle makes/models, four common repair scenarios, testing equipment and labor rates.  

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