Diamond Rating Definitions

What It Means to Be AAA Approved and Diamond Rated

approvedEstablishments that demonstrate the basic requirements of cleanliness, comfort and hospitality during an unannounced inspection are designated as AAA/CAA Approved. Every AAA/CAA Approved property offers acceptable quality; AAA does not Approve substandard properties.


diamondFor establishments designated as AAA/CAA Approved, inspectors assign a rating of One to Five Diamonds based on the extensiveness of services, facilities and amenities typical of each rating level, indicating the type of experience to expect.


AAA Diamond ratings for hotels represent a combination of the overall quality, range of facilities, and level of services offered by the property. The descriptive ratings are assigned exclusively to properties that meet and uphold AAA’s rigorous Approval standards.

Budget-oriented, offering basic comfort and hospitality.
Affordable, with modestly enhanced facilities, decor and amenities.
Distinguished, multifaceted with enhanced physical attributes, amenities and guest comforts.
Refined, stylish with upscale physical attributes, extensive amenities and a high degree of hospitality, service and attention to detail.
Ultimate luxury, sophistication and comfort with extraordinary physical attributes, meticulous personalized service, extensive amenities and impeccable standards of excellence.


AAA Diamond ratings for restaurants represent a combination of the overall food, service, décor and ambiance offered by the establishment. The descriptive ratings are assigned exclusively to establishments that meet and uphold AAA’s rigorous Approval standards.

Simple, familiar food at an economical price. Service is limited, often self-service, and surroundings utilitarian.
Enhanced food presentation, such as the use of common garnishes and dishware, a wide selection of familiar or home-style foods. Relaxed service, often family oriented.
Skillfully prepared food, often reflecting current trends, and expanded beverage offerings, Efficient service staff, well-coordinated décor. Often adult oriented.
Distinctive fine-dining. Often a highly creative executive chef, imaginative presentations and market-fresh ingredients. Wine steward often available. Upscale ambiance. Typically expensive.
Renowned, world-class experience. Cutting edge menus, unique food preparation by highly acclaimed chefs. Maître d’ leads an unobtrusive expert service staff.



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