The Diamond Rating Difference

From guidebooks and magazines to websites, blogs and apps, travel information is everywhere. And from expert assessments to consumer reviews, comments and opinion polls, everyone has something to say. AAA’s Diamond Rating System helps travelers get to the heart of the matter with five key facets that make hotel and restaurant decisions easy and reliable.

Five Reasons to Trust AAA

  1. We’ve been there, wearing our guest hats. AAA’s professional inspectors conduct unscheduled evaluations, so they encounter the same experience travelers do. At the appropriate time, inspectors identify themselves in order to gain full access to the property. AAA does not accept any perks or discounts not extended to all guests. Anonymity is maintained during overnight stays and visits to potential Five Diamond establishments.
  2. There’s nothing up our sleeves. When it comes to property evaluations, we’re an open book. Our published guidelines ensure properties know exactly what it takes to become AAA Approved and receive a particular Diamond Rating. In the same way, with five ingeniously simple Diamonds, travelers know just what to expect — no secrets or unwelcome surprises.
  3. We’re picky. Not every interested establishment is evaluated or rated — and not every Approved and Diamond Rated establishment keeps its AAA standing. First and foremost, every lodging and restaurant must maintain acceptable levels of cleanliness, quality and comfort. Properties that fall below standards are deleted — never downgraded.
  4. We’re everywhere travelers turn. Nearly 58,000 AAA Approved and Diamond Rated lodgings and restaurants across North America and the Caribbean, travelers have ample selections — on the go, online and in print. Diamond Ratings are featured in the AAA Mobile app and eTourBook guides for tablets and smartphones, in the Travel Guides and TripTik Travel Planner, and in AAA TourBook guides. Many establishments also display their AAA Approved status and Diamond Rating on their signage and websites.
  5. We’ve helped shape the travel business. With more than a century of service, including 80 years of field inspections, we’ve never stopped changing. We make periodic reviews and adjustments to ensure a fair, complete assessment in line with member expectations and industry trends. Broad-based industry experience allows our highly trained, professional inspectors to incorporate unique attributes and subjective elements into their reviews without compromising standards.

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