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  • AAA’s Top Ten Ways to Improve Roads and Intersections Americans over the age of 65 are the fastest-growing population, and by the year of 2020, there will be more than 40 million licensed drivers 65 and older. AAA has been instrumental in issues related to safe and efficient travel, and is dedicated to keeping senior road users driving as long as safely possible. When it is not possible for seniors to drive, AAA is also committed to ensuring that viable alternative modes of transportation are readily available.
  • Senior Driver Research The study’s finding that older drivers are twice as likely as middle aged drivers to die in a crash reinforces the need to focus on crash prevention for seniors.
  • School Safety Patrol Fact Sheet  In the 1920s, AAA organized a program where older students assist younger ones with crossing streets on their way to and from school. The safety patrol concept spread quickly to communities and schools nationwide. The national pedestrian death rate per 100,000 children aged 5-14 has fallen by 93 percent since 1935 (the first year records were kept). Children in this age group used to have the second highest fatality rate of any age group; today they have the lowest.
  • Seated, Safe & Secure: A Guide to Child Passenger Safety Using its 1902 birthplace in Chicago, Ill., as the backdrop, AAA announced its bold new approach to child passenger safety, the Seated, Safe and Secure initiative. In addition to releasing its analysis of deaths prevented and cost savings associated with effective child restraint systems, AAA called on manufacturers to provide more safety seat options for parents.
  • Parent – Teen Driving Contract Information about implementing a parent to teen driver contract.
  • GDL Product Fact Sheet AAA has a variety of products available for parents, educators and teen drivers.
  • Welcoming Your New Driver Tips for parents that will help safeguard teens and provide peace of mind when turning over the keys to a teen driver.
  • Welcoming Your New Driver: Becoming The New Driver In Your Family Designed for teens, this brochure outlines tips and responsibilities of being a safe driver
  • Share with Care Brochure AAA’s Share with Care initiative provides practical advice to motorists and truckers on how to share the road safely.
  • Drunk Driving: Seeking Additional Solutions   A report from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety on why the two decade decline in drunk driving accidents stagnated in 1994. What programs, policies and strategies work? Which ones don’t? Find out what’s happening on a state by state, and in some cases, community by community level.
  • AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety Site The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety is dedicated to saving lives and reducing injuries by preventing traffic crashes. It is a not-for-profit, publicly-supported charitable educational and research organization.
  • Put the Brakes on Fatalities Brochure on what we all can do to end the over 40,000 deaths on our nation’s highways every year

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