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(WASHINGTON, May 9, 2012) Statement by AAA President & CEO Bob Darbelnet

“AAA urges Congress to move quickly through conference negotiations and pass a surface transportation reauthorization bill. New legislation is now more than two years overdue and states have delayed many necessary highway and infrastructure projects as a result. This bill is one of the most important laws that Congress can pass because it provides for safe, reliable and effective transportation for all Americans.

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“Transportation has historically been a bipartisan issue, and we are encouraged that both chambers of Congress are coming together today to begin the process of negotiating a compromise bill. The House and Senate agree more than they disagree on transportation policy issues, and it is important to work together in a spirit of cooperation to resolve the few differences that remain.”

Bill is Step in the Right Direction for Safety of Nation’s Motorists

“AAA applauds Senate passage today of a two-year transportation authorization bill.  We appreciate the bipartisan collaboration that has led to legislation that incorporates many of the reforms, performance and accountability provisions that AAA and many in the transportation community have been calling for in recent years.  The public wants and needs safe and reliable mobility.  Few bills directly impact the entire fabric of the nation as does the transportation bill.  The pressure is now squarely on the House of Representatives to promptly address this critical legislation.”

Increase in Truck Size in House Transportation Bill is Troublesome

WASHINGTON, D.C., (February 1, 2012) – AAA opposes language in the U.S. House surface transportation authorization bill that allows for truck size and weight increases.  Citing a complete lack of current research and data, AAA is warning that moving ahead with this provision could have serious safety consequences for those traveling on our nation’s highways.

“With a nine percent increase in truck related fatalities in 2010, traffic safety is a significant concern,” said AAA Managing Director of Government Relations & Traffic Safety Advocacy, Jill Ingrassia.  Advocating on behalf of the safety of its 53 million members and road users nationwide, AAA is calling on Congress to strip this provision from the transportation bill.  “Additional research is required to demonstrate exactly how bigger and heavier trucks would impact traffic safety.  Absent this research, we cannot take the chance – there is simply too much at stake.”

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the additional cost of repairing bridge damage caused by raising truck weights to 97,000 pounds could cost as much as $65 billion.  “Far too often, terms like “structurally deficient” and “functionally obsolete” are used to describe our roadway system. Bigger and heavier trucks will impose greater damage to an already overburdened and neglected system.” said Ingrassia. 

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