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AAA Historical LogoOver the past 100+ years, AAA has made a long and often arduous journey that began with a noisy, smelly, complicated contraption that most Americans have come to love and depend on, the automobile. Along the way, AAA has touched on various areas that are important to Americans and how they live their lives: safety, the environment, taxation, personal rights and many others. Some of these areas are more contentious than others, some earn only accolades. But through it all, AAA’s most basic premise has been the same: That safe, efficient transportation is a fundamental underpinning of American society.

AAA BuildingThis timeline was prepared with the invaluable assistance of the AAA Research Library and is an ongoing enterprise. Each event in the timeline has been authenticated by more than one source of information. In using this timeline, please be extremely careful with wording used for publication, so that the event will not be misinterpreted. In most cases, the acronym “AAA” should be added to the beginning of each item to make a complete sentence. Information on non-AAA related historic events has been provided to bring additional perspective to the timeline.

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