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The AAA Automotive Engineering Team supports association efforts to be the motorist’s most trusted source for technical expertise relating to the safe use and enjoyment of motor vehicles. Automotive technology is advancing faster today than at any time in the past, and the many new features and capabilities of modern automobiles will impact both their purchase and operating costs.

Below are a few interesting trends AAA thinks motorists should know about. 

Additional Information

  • Choosing a Driving School Driver education courses are designed to teach new drivers the fundamental skills and basic knowledge required to drive a motor vehicle. Your search for a quality school may be more successful if you know what to look for in facilities, instructors, structure and lesson plans. Tips in the following brochure may make it easier for you to select the best driver training school for you.
  • Get A Grip A Guide to Wet-Weather Driving Techniques
  • How to Go on Ice and Snow Easy-to-read information that will aid you in becoming a safer and more efficient driver despite winter’s adverse weather conditons.
  • What to Do When Your Car Breaks Down Safety brochure in the event of automotive breakdown.
  • Be Tire Smart – Play Your Part Brochure on proper tire safety and maintenance, produced in conjunction with the RMA.
  • AAA Glidden Tour ® is the oldest and largest annual antique automobile tour in existence. Organized by the Veteran Motor Car Club of America, the original automobile tours were held from 1904 to 1913 to demonstrate the reliability of the automobile as basic transportation and encourage the development of safe roads, dependable driving information and other motoring services.
  • Great Battery Roundup In commemoration of Earth Day AAA and CAA want the public’s help in hunting down what is estimated to be more than 5 million used, lead-acid car, truck, boat, and motorcycle batteries that have somehow not made their way back to their natural habitat, the recycling plant.

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