AAA Inspections

AAA’s professionally trained inspectors convey the voice of AAA members. They conduct in-person property inspections as a service to members, using guidelines weighted by member priorities. Inspections are unannounced to ensure a typical guest experience, and members are encouraged to provide ongoing property feedback and recommendations.

AAA Inspections: A Behind-the-Scenes Look

A series of brief, entertaining videos offer an inside view of real AAA inspectors on the job. For additional insight, media may contact AAA to request inspector interviews and ride-alongs.

AAA Inspections: The Voice of AAA Members
AAA Hotel Inspections: From Check-in to Check Out

AAA Restaurant Inspections: From Soup to Nuts

AAA Attraction Inspections: From Thrills to Chills


See first-person travel stories and photos from inspectors in #AAAInspector posts on the AAA Travel Twitter page, @AAA_Travel.

AAA Inspectors: On-Site and In the Know

Inspectors are in an ideal position to observe industry trends as they emerge. When they see service changes, colors, layouts and decorative elements across multiple segments or geographic areas, they watch for related trends that may prompt changes in the evaluation guidelines.

For the current hotel guidelines inspectors noted a prevalence of open and active lobby areas, dramatic headboards, wood and laminate flooring options and the increased use of glass, marble and stone. They observed the use of sustainable and allergy-free products in amenities and expanded fitness options. And they noted technology trends including easy-to-use alarm clocks, single-use coffee makers and power stations for gadgets and devices.



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